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     Children's Home 

The Agunda Children’s Home is not an orphanage, it is far more. It is a forever family for orphaned and vulnerable children. Our kids are loved, accepted and cared for as members of the family, as they indeed become members of the family.

Once a child becomes a member of the Agunda Family they have a safe place where all their needs are provided - food, clothing, shelter, medical care and good hygiene, full education through university or trade school, and spiritual growth.

The ultimate goal of the Agunda Children’s Home is not merely to provide food, clothing and shelter for children, but to equip them for success in all areas of life and to become leaders in society – leaders in their homes, their churches, businesses, education and the government.

Located in the Kenyan countryside, there is space for outdoor activities, opportunities for trades training, safety from the city streets, space for growth and farming for sustainability. 



    School Scholarships  

In developing countries, education is a key that opens doors to opportunities. All of the kids at our children's home go to school through university or trade school. We also have other kids in the community that are helped with scholarships as they are available. 


    Widow/Orphan PROJECT

Bringing widows and orphans together in a family setting. The widow cares for and oversees the child's needs and education. The child provides help and companionship for the widow at the home. Both receive love and support. This has been a beautiful way to expand our ministry. 

    Sustainable Farming 

Farming is a foundation of the African culture in Kenya. We partnered with ECHO Global Farms when our oldest, Juvenal, graduated from university. After doing an internship with ECHO in Tanzania, he returned home to develop the two acres we currently own with sustainable farming and chicken raising. This is a great opportunity for all of the kids to learn about farming to provide a steady food supply. We are in the process of developing a community outreach training program to help others in the region. 



    Children's Home Building Project 

We currently own two acres that are used for farming. We have put in a well, solar pump, water tank, storage and housing for farm help. Our next step is to build a house for the Children's Home so that they can better use the land and provide a lasting home for the family .  Estimated costs for the building project are $35,000  *They are currently renting. 

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